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Oct 2012 21

If you haven’t made it out to experience rocktoberfest yet, tomNight is your last chance until next year!  So come down tonight for some good food, good beer and good fun


Oct 2012 20

Its so sad that the best laid plans sometimes never come to pass.  This is the case of the Craft Brew Festival that we were going to have Sunday, Oct. 21.  Due to the weather we are being forced to cancel the beer festival.  Now we are going to have figure out where to put all this beer…

For everyone who bought tickets, they be fully refunded to you via the card you purchased them on.

Oct 2012 19

Still haven’t seen the Stanley Cup? AND you live in LA? What’s wrong with you? You can redeem yourself tonight because the Cup will be at Rocktoberfest tonight.  Be a true Kings fan and join us for the fun.  Our all-star band will also be in the house, rock’n the joint.

See you tonight!

Oct 2012 17

The opening night of Rocktoberfest was something to remember.  Lots of Rock icons made it down to hang out and rock out! If you missed it, don’t worry, more will be coming.

Tonight you can also meet Golden Boy boxers Abner Mares, Leo Santa Cruz and Carlos Molina tonight at Rocktoberfest! These pound-for-pound fighters will be making an appearance tonight from 6:30-7:30 signing autographs and taking pictures. Don’t miss Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz battle in the 11/15 Fight at STAPLES Center.

Oct 2012 16

Last night kicked off the very first night of Rocktoberfest at L.A. LIVE. The event benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids returning veterans. The rockers were out in force with guests including Nikki Sixx, Gilby Clark, Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Oh yeah, Gene was there too.

This was only the opening night! We’ve got plenty more where that came from. We will be doing our Rocktoberfest games throughout the week and culminating in a Craft Brew Festival on Sunday Oct 21st. We’ve got KISS Army Night on thursday, so all you card carrying members make it out.

Adam Carolla will be making an appearance on Saturday also. You can try his new wine that he is rolling out; “Mangria“.

Oct 2012 16

Can’t think of anything to do on Saturday night??  Well we’ve got something for you.  To help us close up Rocktoberfest, Adam Carolla from such past infamy as Love Line, The Man Show, and…. The Hammer? (Yeah, I saw it)

Adam will get up on our stage and have a word or two. (Don’t stand in the first row or those words might be about you)  He will also be serving his new wine, “Mangria“.  Yeah, its a beer event, and Adam practically invented the Tiki Taki  chant in the US, but he’s making a wine.  Don’t worry guys, there will be plenty of beer there too.

Oct 2012 12

Gene Simmons and Wolfgang talk to Access Hollywood about Rocktoberfest L.A. LIVE while Wolfgang shows off his spread.

And if that weren’t enough, Gene shows his off with the world’s first ever “Tongue off”.


Oct 2012 12

Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck will be appearing on Access Hollywood tonight to fill you in on the details of Rocktoberfest L.A. LIVE.

Making the rounds, they were also on NBC morning news today.  Wolfgang’s food spread is looking pretty good.  And don’t forget about the beer!

Oct 2012 08

Monday night, we are offering a VERY special opportunity.  If you have ever had the dream to play onstage with one of Rock’s greatest musicians backed by an all-star celebrity band, this is what you have been waiting for! The opening night of Rocktoberfest, you have the opportunity to get onstage and do just that, Rock out with Gene Simmons in front of a live audience!

We only have one ticket for this once in a lifetime offer and once its gone, its gone!  You and 7 of your friends also get VIP access and to our charity event and to sit with Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck. Not to even mention the Red Carpet access, 2 nights in the penthouse at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan beach, oh yeah, and Lakers v Kings tickets for everyone!

Call (213) 742-7214 to get your tickets!

Oct 2012 05

For the LA Live Rocktoberfest , we’ve assembled a collection of Rock and Roll stars pumped to perform for you all.  They have recorded on #1 records, toured the world and are now ready to Rock for you!!  There will be a lot of celebrity sit-in’s  joining this lineup throughout the week.  You just don’t know, “who will show up to jam?”

Eric Dover (Guitar/Vocals) is known for his work as the front man for Slash’s Snake Pit and Imperial Drag. He also was in the critically acclaimed  band Jellyfish and played guitar for Alice Cooper.  If you haven’t heard him yet, be prepared to be blown away!

Brent Woods (Lead Guitar/Vocals) is a veteran in the Rock & Roll scene.  He recently worked in the studio with KISS, and he has collaborated with many known bands.  Brent was Vince Neil’s guitarist for years and you’ve probably seen him on many television shows playing for a variety of artists.

Michael Devin (Bass/Vocals) is currently in Whitesnake and European sensation Steamroller.  He was also the original bassist for Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience.  Starting his touring career as a teenager, he possesses a wealth of experience and a style all his own.

Matt Laug (Drums) is one of the most in-demand session and live drummers in Rock & Roll. He has recorded on many #1 records, including the multi Grammy album Jagged Little Pill, (Alanis Morissette,) The New Radicals, Lifehouse, Christina Aguilera, The Calling, Richard Marx and many more.

Teddy Andreas (Keyboards/Harmonica/Vocals) toured with Gun’s and Roses starting with Use Your Illusion, and continued on a successful career working with the greats of Rock, including Carole King, Slash, and Ziggy Marley.   His resume is too vast too list, but you’ve heard or seen him many times over.

Big Jim Wheeler (Saxophone/EWI/Vocals) has a wide array of musical talents and styles.  He has performed  and toured  with:  Kenny Loggins, Loggins and Messina, ABC, Slash’s Snake Pit and Blues Ball, as well as many others. In addition, he was a house session player for many Fox television shows.  His aggressive style and grit makes him one of the best sax players in Rock and Roll.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Gene Simmons will be getting up on that stage to perform from time to time?